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מער פון אלע גאלד און זילבער - אידיש - 45 דפים

מער פון אלע גאלד און זילבער - אידיש - 45 דפים


More than Gold & Silver Coloring Book in Yiddish - Beautiful and rich drawings, illustrated specifically for children to be able to color and enrich their time with many hours of Torah educational and fun activities.


Please don't hesitate to send me feedback, even pictures of your child's best coloring pages, it will give me much joy to see them.



איסור השגת גבול


Many hours of work and effort went into creating this Coloring Book, so it would be very hurtful if you send this PDF file or copies to other people without pay. It will amount to the Issur of Gneiva Chas VeShalom.


Please limit the use of this file to your immediate family only. You will help me, if you share the link to this file with friends and family and let them buy it for their families, so I can continue to create more such quality and rich coloring books in the near future.


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