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Reb Shayala zt"l

Reb Shayala zt"l


Medium: Oil on Canvas
Canvas: 11.8" x 15.7" / 30 x 40 cm
Original: SOLD

Print Sizes: Available in more sizes - Contact for Price

Desk Framed: Approx. 5x7 and comes with a desk footer or hanging hook.


    Reb Shayala zt"l, the Rebbe of Kerestir was known as a Poel Yeshuos throughout pre-war Hungary. Most known of all stories was, when he told a farmer who suffered from mice in his grain storage to tell the mice "Reb Shayala asked you to go to the town's Poritz (a Anti-Semitic lord)", and behold! there were hundreds of mice seen runing through town from the Jew's house. Since that story, Jews all over the world hang a picture of Reb Shayala in their houses.


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