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Sukkos - The 4 Species

Sukkos - The 4 Species


Medium: Oil on Canvas
Canvas: 24" x 28" / 60 x 70cm
Original: Available
Prints: Yes


    According Kabalistic teachings, the Mitzvah of the 4 species, that we are commanded to shake on Sukkos, signify many hidden messages.

    One of them, that the Esrog (citrus) represents the heart, Lulav (palm branch) the spine, the Hadas (myrtle) the eyes, and the Aravos (willow) represents the mouth.

    May Hashem (g-d) heal and amend our broken hearts, our eyes to see only the good in others, our mouths to speak no ill of others and ourselves, and a straight upright spine, to walk in the ways of the righteous.


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